Get Callback Address


Note: Since callback addresses are designed for commercial use they incur the same 0.5% fee on deposits as transactions created with 'create_transaction'. For personal use deposits that reuse the same personal address(es) in your wallet that have no fee but don't send IPNs see 'get_deposit_address'.

API POST Fields (in addition to the Main Fields described in the Introduction)

Field NameDescriptionRequired?
Get Callback Address
currencyThe currency the buyer will be sending.Yes
ipn_urlURL for your IPN callbacks. If not set it will use the IPN URL in your Edit Settings page if you have one set.No
labelOptionally sets the address label.No

API Response

A successful call to the 'get_callback_address' or 'get_deposit_address' command will give you a result similar to this (JSON):
The result will have the following fields:
  • address = The address to deposit the selected coin into your LivePay Wallet.
  • pubkey = NXT Only: The pubkey to attach the 1st time you send to the address to activate it.
  • dest_tag = For coins needing a destination tag, payment ID, etc. (like Ripple or Monero) to set for depositing into your LivePay Wallet.